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Cast & Splint Care Instructions


Try to avoid getting the cast/splint wet. When showering, wrap a dry washcloth around the top of the cast/splint and hold in place with tape or a rubber band. Cover cast/splint and towel with a plastic bag and secure with tape or a rubber band. If any water gets in the bag it will be absorbed by the towel before it gets to the cast/splint. A few drops of water will not cause major problems but if the bag fails and the cast is saturated you need to contact your doctor immediately to replace your cast. 

Try to keep the casted/splinted extremity elevated above the heart in order to reduce swelling. Symptoms of swelling to be aware of are as follows: 

* Increased pain or feeling like the cast is too tight 
* Tingling or numbness / “pins and needles” sensation 
* Coldness and discoloration of extremities 

If any of these symptoms present, elevate extremity above the heart right away. If symptoms persist after 1 hour, contact our office immediately. 
We use materials designed to minimize itching. If however, you do have an itch; DO NOT put any object inside the cast to scratch. (This includes but is not limited to pens, coat hangers and other sharp objects). If you insert anything into the cast you can break the skin and as a result you can get an infection. Digging in the cast can also make the padding less effective and leave you more vulnerable to further injury. The padded layer is what protects the skin from the saw during cast removal process, so do not remove or tamper with the padded layer. 

Limit vigorous activities like sports and exercise while in a cast. Remember, you can always make an injury worse if you push yourself too hard. If you have any questions regarding your cast or splint please call your physician to discuss!


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